A Day in the Life of an Educator

What's involved in being an in-home Educator with PORSE? We take a look at an average day in the life, and hear why they love their career!

  • It’s just after 7am when our Educator opens the door and greets the children with a smile. It makes it easier for parents to get on with their day, knowing their child is in safe hands.
  • Having a maximum of four children in care, allows our Educator to tailor their day to suit the children’s interests whether it be playing with dinosaurs or attending a PORSE music and movement class.
  • PORSE programmes are based on our philosophy of play, observe, relate, support, and extend, within the national ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki.
  • We keep parents connected through an online journaling system called Storypark. Educators capture the children’s adventures and upload the photos to a private online community so parents are engaged and involved in their child’s day.
  • Qualified teachers visit Educators monthly to observe children’s development and record it for parents.
  • Teachers also drop off craft resources and return unit standard books to Educators who are taking part in PORSE training.
  • Educators’ homes always meet health and safety standards before any little ones walk through their gate.
  • Educators are constantly updating medicine registers and ensure they have prior approval from parents for any outings.
  • Families visit Educators’ homes to see where their children will spend their day including sleep space and outdoor play areas. Word of mouth is Educator’s best marketing tool for staying full.
  • Educators are self-employed so can set your hours and rates. PORSE supports all Educators to meet tax obligations.
  • As the day draws to a close, any artwork is tidied up and put in the child’s bag to take home. Educators share snippets from the day with parents as goodbyes are said.