What are the benefits of being an Educator or Nanny with PORSE?

PORSE is New Zealand’s leading and largest in-home care provider.

Website Image 3With over 20 years in the industry, PORSE has been leading the growth of the in-home education sector since it was founded by Jenny Yule in 1990. Over the years, PORSE has become a widely recognised brand throughout New Zealand.  The PORSE brand remains strong within the community, ensuring we are front of mind for parents considering their childcare choices.

With PORSE, you'll care for no more than four children at a time in your home or as a nanny in the family home.  You'll care for no more than two children under the age of two years, although some exceptions may apply, particularly with extra siblings or in the event of multiple births!

Free professional development and workplace training

At PORSE we're committed to providing you with the right support to ensure every child has their own individual educational programme using the ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki. PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved and accredited private training establishment that offers national qualifications in early childhood education and adult education. Read more here...

Partnering with For Life, PORSE will support you with fit-for-purpose professional development, including practical hands-on guidance, using the most up-to-date research in neuroscience.

No two days are the same!

You have the freedom to plan your day's activities! Create play and learning activities within a calm and nurturing home environment, and incorporate opportunities to explore and engage in your local community and the natural environment.   With free access to PORSE activities, outings and events in your community, including weekly PlaySchool’s, the children in your care will have plenty of opportunities to develop their social skills as part of a larger group. Your programme tutor will support you to develop individualised learning programmes for each child in your care that meet their changing needs.

At PORSE, you'll never work alone

Once you're PORSE-registered and have children in your care, you'll receive regular support from your programme tutor, who is a qualified early childhood teacher. They'll visit you monthly, providing on-the-job training and support, activities and resource ideas, and guidance to develop individualised learning programmes for the children in your care.

You'll also have weekly opportunities to meet up with other Educators and Nannies at PORSE PlaySchools, community outings and events.  You can also join or create your own Educator POD - these informal groups meet up for play dates, coffee, or to create new resources for the children to enjoy.

Rewards and achievements

PORSE 'spots the brilliance' by encouraging PORSE-mindedness – a positive way of thinking, feeling and doing. Random acts of kindness, social events and success are constant reminders of the joy and pleasure we get from working with young children.

Nationwide competitions and monthly draws recognise and celebrate the valuable childcare experiences educators give families in our community.

Marketing assistance and support

The PORSE specialist in-house team regularly runs national and local marketing campaigns to ensure our Educators are top-of-mind when families are looking for quality childcare. Our website features a dedicated Educator profile section, through which you can update your profile and programme offerings using a secure log on.

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