Tips for Managing Trampolines in the Wind

With the summer bringing more wind than usual (and in some places, up to gale force), we always hear about wayward trampolines taking flight and landing somewhere looking rather worse for wear.

Aside from the tears of the little people who used it frequently, there is also the risk it could cause some pretty nasty damage to property or worse - people. The wind's don't have to be strong for a trampoline to take flight, so we thought we'd share a few tips on how to reduce the risk of your trampoline turning into a UFO (unwanted flying object) in the wind.  And of course, if the wind is up, please ensure you keep children off the trampoline. 

Peg it down

As a day-to-day precaution, invest in some heavy duty pegs from a camping store and use a mallet to secure the legs of the trampoline to the ground. The effectiveness of this technique will vary depending on the type of ground and how well the pegs are put in.  Another option is placing heavy sandbags on the legs, but both these options may not withstand gale force winds.

Tie it up

If you have the benefit of a good strong tree or two, some decent rope, and the ability to tie a knot, then you can try tieing your trampoline up.  It may still lift and twist, but it's less likely to end up outside your property.

Make it permanently secure

We've also heard of people concreting the legs of the trampoline in, which is a very permanent way to stop it moving, but you'll want to be sure you won't be wanting to move it!  

And speaking of permanent, one other technique we have seen is the 'inground' trampoline. This involves excavating out the ground and 'submerging' the entire base of the trampoline, so the mat is flush with ground level. This is hard work in the setup, but has its benefits!

Remove the nets

If you know a storm is coming, this is a basic first step, removing the ability for your trampoline to catch the wind like a sail.  On its own this step is helpful, but you'll most likely need to add in one of the other tips to prevent a good gust throwing your trampoline like a toddler throws broccoli. 

Turn it upside down

You'll need to remove the arms that support the nets, so this might be too hard depending on how your trampoline is constructed, but it will stop the wind getting underneath the mat and sending it flying.

Pack it away

A cumbersome effort, but if you really don't want to risk losing it or causing damage to the tramp, then this is your best bet.

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