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Stepping up to tertiary study just became easier for thousands of students around the country, thanks to the Government’s fees-free policy.

Making qualifications both affordable and accessible has long been a priority at PORSE Education & Training Ltd.

The private training establishment prides itself on providing a clear pathway from education through to employment.

School leavers have been eligible for free or subsidised training with the opportunity to then enrol with PORSE In-home Childcare as an Educator or Nanny, for the past few years.

Erin Maloney, Education and Training General Manager, says the company is committed to providing learners with educational opportunities that give them real career options.

“Upskilling our school-leavers and giving them pathways to achieve higher qualifications is critical if we are to arm the next generation with the practical and relevant skills they need to earn a reliable income.”

Mrs Maloney welcomes Labour’s commitment to introduce one year of fees-free tertiary education from 2018.

“It’s great that more learners will be able to access free education giving them more opportunities and setting them up in life.”

About 80,000 New Zealanders will be eligible for free tertiary education for their first year, with the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) offered by PORSE Education & Training recognised as an eligible course of study.

“We had already committed to offering the qualification at no cost to Educators who are enrolled with PORSE and it’s wonderful to be able to extend that offer further to anyone who meets the fees-free eligibility requirements.”

An added benefit of the nationally recognised qualification is that it is available online to learners, making it accessible to learners regardless of where they live in around New Zealand. This also means study can be undertaken in conjunction with paid employment, with the learning more self-directed due to it not being bound to the classroom.  PORSE is the only provider offering this certificate using a distance-based, online model of delivery.

To be eligible for fees-free study, learners must be a New Zealand citizen, or be ordinarily resident in New Zealand and have been living in New Zealand for at least 3 years while holding a residency visa.  Learners must also not have not previously undertaken more than half a year of full-time study (0.5 EFTS or 60 credits) at level 3 or above (except while at school), including tertiary education at an equivalent level in any other country.

Check out the website below to see if you’re eligible to enrol in the PORSE New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) for FREE!

We have limited places available in our second semester, starting 15 July 2019.