Study from home for FREE!

Stepping up to tertiary study just became easier for thousands of students around the country, thanks to the Government’s fees-free policy.


Making qualifications both affordable and accessible has long been a priority at PORSE Education & Training Ltd. The private training establishment prides itself on providing a clear pathway from education through to employment.

The Government’s fees free study is for Level 3 and above programmes. This includes one year of full-time equivalent study.

To be eligible for fees free study you must be a New Zealand citizen. There are no age requirements or age restrictions for the government fees free study.

You do not qualify for fees free if you:

• Are enrolled at a secondary school at the start of the course or programme.

• Have previously undertaken more than half a year of equivalent full-time tertiary education at level 3 or above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Fees already paid?

If you find you are eligible for fees-free study but have already paid your course fees don’t worry, we will review all study applications and will refund eligible students.

Check out the website below to see if you’re eligible to enrol in the PORSE New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) for FREE!