In-tune With Your Children

When Bronwyn Moore’s childcare arrangements fell over she soon found herself stepping into an Educator role .

She joined PORSE In-home Childcare when her son was barely walking and now he’s patrolling the beaches in Auckland as a lifeguard.

“It’s a been a good few years,” she says. Thirteen to be exact.

It was a natural fit for Bronwyn, who had had a childhood dream of becoming a nanny.

“I love children. There are no budgets or targets with children - it’s just life, it’s exciting.”

It’s all about creating authentic relationships for Bronwyn and she’s certainly done that with her PORSE family. She currently cares for two pairs of siblings and a cousin – when she can squeeze him in.

“I’ve known the little ones since they were babies, so they already knew me by the time they joined my care. We’re a tight little PORSE family.”

Because Bronwyn never has more than four children in her care at one time, she develops a strong bond with all the children and is in tune with their personalities.

She sensed that one of her children was feeling anxious about starting school, so during the holidays, she took all the children out to see the boy’s new school.

“We took a trip to the school so he could show his friends where he would be going to school in a few weeks.”

As it turned out, the teacher was in her room preparing the classroom for the start of the year and invited the group of pre-schoolers in to have a look around. Afterwards, Bronwyn took the children to the neighbouring strawberry farm for an ice cream.

“I think the day out helped calm his nerves, he felt very special showing off to his friends where he would be going to school.”

The group also regularly go to story-time at the library and the PORSE music group. It is through experiences like these that children grow their social-skills and relationships with others in their community.

“Natural Childcare such as this replicates the comfort and security of home. The children really benefit from routine and predictability which is so important at this age and stage,” Bronwyn says.

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