ECE is for me! PORSE Nanny Intern Feature

When Lisa McEwing left school and started working at one of the local garages in Dargaville she never imagined she would end up in early childhood education

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However, when the garage closed, Lisa was at a loose end so after seeing an advertisement on Trade Me, she applied for PORSE’s Nanny Intern Programme.

“I absolutely loved the course from the moment I started. I realised during the course that I really enjoy working with children and early childhood education was the career for me. Seeing the sparkle in their eyes ignited a passion that I never knew existed.”

Lisa was a nanny intern with a family for 21 hours a week, during the 20-week training course, enabling her to gain practical skills.

“The course was life changing because it was an amazing hands-on experience where I knew I was making a difference in a child's life.”

On top of the practical experience, Lisa spent a day in the classroom each week, which included lessons in early brain development, attachment theory and
care routines.

She was able to get a National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 3) for free.

“I really got a taste for ECE from the course and I wanted to learn more and more.”

So after finishing the Nanny Intern Programme Lisa enrolled at university and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Education in early childhood.

While studying, the 23-year-old works as an educator for the Roach family, caring for Ruby (four) and Tara (eight) in Glendowie in Auckland.

“I was very blessed to find a job straight away with an amazing family. During my degree, I learnt about cognitive development, attachment theory, and the sociocultural theory. I apply this with Ruby and Tara.”

“Seeing the attachment theory in practice is useful. If I take Ruby to the playground, I always see her look around for me. She knows her circle of security so she will look for me, then she carries on.”

Lisa says she spends time preparing Ruby for school and focusing on her numeracy and literacy.

“At the moment we are working on her name. I want her to realise that learning is fun and it’s exciting. It’s not just sitting in a classroom. We go through the alphabet and she’s becoming more confident in recognising the letters.”

Mother Kathryn Roach says the family connected with Lisa immediately.

“Lisa is the youngest educator we have had. She came straight from the Nanny Intern Programme, so I was a little sceptical at first, but we had an instant connection and have built a strong relationship. Lisa is respectful of the children and because she is studying she is very enthusiastic about bringing fresh ideas and learning into our home.”

Kathryn says she was instantly attracted by Lisa’s background because their family values were similar.

“When you have someone in your home, it's important that you share the same values and have a close relationship. Instinctively Lisa does many things in the same way I would and I have also learnt a lot from her.

“I have seen a lot of Lisa’s learning in our home. I think my children benefit from Lisa being so up to date with ECE. She is also learning from my girls so it’s a two-way street. Ruby has just blossomed with Lisa.”

PORSE Programme Tutor Chris Ryder says the nanny intern programme often ignites a passion and desire in the graduates to gain further qualifications in early childhood education.

“PORSE works with nanny interns to nurture and develop their career development. We are very happy that Lisa has chosen to further her career in ECE and we aim to support her on the journey.

“Lisa has become a PORSE professional educator and has developed a strong level of confidence since completing the Nanny Intern Programme.”

If becoming a Nanny Intern interests you, email or call 0800 023 456.