Building my career around my children

Tears welled up in Grace Drollèt’s eyes as she watched her son take his first steps. Seeing his milestone first-hand was all the confirmation she needed that she’d made the right choice to leave her corporate career to become a PORSE Educator.

When she got pregnant with her second child, Rangimaoateatua, known by his middle name Elias, she started re-assessing what was important in her life – and spending more time with her children was at the top of the list.

After more than 10 years working in banking, she decided she wanted to stay at home with her children. She had become a PORSE parent when she returned to work after having her daughter Ruby-Lee, two.

While Ruby-Lee flourished in the home-based care environment, Grace just didn’t want to miss out on anymore milestones.

“It was a struggle going back to work after maternity leave, I was missing out on seeing all of Ruby-Lee’s firsts. It was hard seeing her just for story time before bed.”

So, Grace signed up to become a PORSE Educator herself. After having Elias she came off maternity leave and began caring for her children and a three-year-old girl who had previously been in PORSE care with her daughter.

“There’s nothing like it. Just being able to be there for my children, it has really made a difference, to myself and the children.

Ruby-Lee loved being with her PORSE Educator but since being in her own home environment with mum around she has really grown into herself and is a lot more confident.”

Grace and the children spend their days building obstacle courses around the house, creating crafts and being out and about in their community such as regular visits to the Auckland Botanical Gardens.

To get the most out of her career change, Grace signed up to do the Level 3 National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care through PORSE.

“I’ve always been interested in early childhood care and now I'm backing up what I do every day with a qualification.”

Grace is also passionate about introducing her children to other languages and is teaching them sign language.

“We are now a signing family. I encourage my children daily to sign and speak. This has greatly improved the communication barrier between myself and my children.”

Ruby-Lee and Elias are also being spoken to in Cook Island Māori by their grandparents.

“My mother spoke it to me as a child, but when I was eight she passed away and with that, I thought my chance of ever learning her mother tongue was gone.

"Luckily the father of my children speaks Cook Island Māori and is teaching the three of us so we incorporate that with our daily signing – the children are my driving force to learn and teach them more.”

While Grace admits life is busy with two under fives, working as a PORSE Educator and studying, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Making cupcakes together is the best downtime, although I know my daughter would disagree, she says "water painting Mami!"

Grace has not looked back since becoming a PORSE Educator, so If you want to enjoy all the same benefits of working from your own home, caring for your children and others, then contact us today to discuss how this could work for you or a family member.

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