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Recent media articles show the PORSE approach is the best approach for growing little minds.

We were pleased to read that the 2014 Kiwis Count survey data that was released in September by the State Services Commission showed that 85 per cent of parents are... Read More

Nathan Wallis - Born To Connect – How Love Grows Babies’ Brains

Nathan Wallis is an ex-university lecturer in human development and a specialist in neuroscience. He has a background as a child and family therapist, primary school and early childhood teacher. Read More

REM sleep critical for young brain development

A recent study from Washington State University Spokane, funded by the National Institutes of Health, has established that rapid eye movement or REM sleep actively converts waking experiences into lasting... Read More


As adults, our lives are dictated by time.  Clocks determine when we get up, drive to work, run to a meeting, and go to bed.  This behaviour is learnt as... Read More

Socialisation, the new “s” word?

Socialisation: noun1. [psychology] the modification from infancy of an individual’s behaviour to conform with the demands of social life. Read More

Reading: Helping Kids Develop Through the Stages.

Learning to read is a complicated process and parents often wonder if their child is developing reading abilities at the rate they "should". Read More