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Personalised, quality childcare, in your own home.

With PORSE, your nanny will have access to the PORSE activity programme, ensuring your child will get the best of both worlds – low-ratio care provided within your own home environment, combined with the opportunity to participate in wider PORSE community events including PlaySchool, gym sessions, music and outings. PORSE will help match you with a nanny to care for your child within your own home (up to four children).

With a PORSE Nanny share, you can have the best of both worlds. We have many families teaming up with like-minded parents to share a nanny; an option that can make having a nanny very affordable. With a Nanny Share, you and one other family will jointly employ a nanny to care for your children together, allowing you to share the cost and gain the benefits of extra help at home.

If you would like to share a PORSE Nanny, you can contact us to pair you with another family, or if you already have another family happy to share a nanny with you, we can get started on matching you.

Why choose PORSE?

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Authentic Experiences
Real-world interaction and public outings, in a safe and supportive environment, with a person your child trusts.
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Authentic Experiences

Home-based Childcare provides real-world interaction and public outings, in a safe and supportive environment, with a person they trust. These experiences are learning opportunities, catered to each child’s interests, giving them the chance to try new things. It is through experiences like these that children grow their social skills and relationships with others.

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Authentic Environments
Replicating the comfort and security of home, as well as the routines and values that are built there.
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Authentic Environments

Home-based Childcare replicates the comfort and security of home, as well as the routines and values that are built there. These environments allow children space and time to be themselves, rather than forcing them to fit in. Providing these environments is especially important during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, as young brains need calm and familiar surroundings to learn and grow.

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Authentic Relationships
One-on-one, responsive relationships that provide children with consistency and a go-to person.
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Authentic Relationships

Home-based Childcare comes from one-on-one, responsive relationships that provide children with consistency and a go-to person. These relationships are built on providing emotional availability, attentiveness and time to each individual child. Science shows that for children’s brains to make the positive connections that build social skills and resilience, these relationships are essential.

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The support you need

In addition to providing quality early childhood care and education, having a nanny in your own home provides additional support such as doing your children’s washing, preparing their meals, doing the school run or driving children to extracurricular activities.  Although common childhood illnesses are less frequent with care provided in-home, your nanny can also support you if your child is unwell.

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We make it easy

Your Nanny will be pre-screened by PORSE, and then employed directly by you. PORSE can also help make the process even simpler with payroll services, so you don’t need to worry about how to process wages, ACC, subsidies and Kiwisaver.

Hourly pay rates and hours of care are negotiated directly with your Nanny and vary by location, qualifications and experience. View our Nanny Facebook page to get to know some nannies in your area.

PORSE Nannies have access to ongoing training opportunities and support through the PORSE Education and Training Programme, including monthly visits from a qualified teacher.

Which home-based childcare is right for you?
Home-based Educator
  • Provides care from their own home.
  • May care for up to four children under five years of age, with a maximum of two under the age of two.
  • Sets their own days, hours, and rate.
  • Is self-employed.
  • Cares for children in your family home.
  • May undertake additional tasks by agreement, relating to caring for your children, such as preparing meals for your child and cleaning up afterwards, or washing and changing your child’s bedding.
  • Is employed by you at an hourly rate mutually agreed.
  • Maybe shared by more than one family with similar care requirements.
Au Pair
  • Is a nanny who lives in the family home.
  • Is usually on a working holiday in New Zealand, providing your family with an insight into another culture.
  • Is employed by the family, with room and board included as part of the remuneration package.
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We've answered some of the most common questions about Nanny & Nanny Share.
  • FREE matching services – no placement fee
  • PORSE Nannies have all passed a New Zealand Police check, reference check and have a current First Aid certificate.  Optional requirements such as a full, clean driver’s license can also be checked as part of the matching service
  • your child/ren cared for in your own home (maximum of four children)
  • receive extra help caring for your children, such as doing the children’s washing, preparing their meals, and doing the school run or extracurricular activities
  • the best of both worlds – one-on-one care combined with regular opportunities to attend PORSE community outings and events
  • FREE weekly playschool, gym groups and music sessions
  • FREE ongoing support and development from a qualified Early Childhood teacher to ensure your child/ren get the best start
  • market-leading and ongoing professional support for both nannies and families
  • access to our extensive education and training programmes
  • payroll services available
  • FREE sample employment contracts, and guidelines for employment
  • 20 hours ECE government subsidy* available for children aged three to five years.

*Minimum hour requirements apply to receive the ECE subsidy.  Please note the 20 Hours ECE will not cover the full weekly cost of a nanny, because there are minimum wage requirements that exceed the amount of subsidy, however, you can expect to reduce your weekly childcare cost by up to $90 – $100.00 depending on the number of childcare hours required.

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Personalised, quality childcare, in your own home.
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