Home-based Educators

Everything we do is to help give children the best start possible.

We love nothing more than seeing children flourish and knowing we are helping them make positive connections for later life. Our care is based on developing authentic relationships and allowing children authentic experiences in authentic environments.

Everything we do at PORSE is based on your child’s individual needs. Our experienced team help you find an educator that matches both your child’s needs and your family values. This educator then caters your child’s day around their interests, while replicating any structures or behavioural goals you are working on at home.

A PORSE Educator:

  • Provides care from their own home.
  • May care for up to four children under five years of age, with a maximum of two under the age of two.
  • Sets their own days, hours, and rate.
  • Is self-employed.

Meet our educators

Kylie Nesbit

About Kylie

My philosophy is children learn through play and life experiences.

I offer a caring loving home environment where your child would call this their other home.

I love playing and getting messy through painting, messy play, play-doh and jumping in puddles or digging up worms from the garden – I’m not afraid of getting messy.

We love to go to playgroups, music groups and outings too… or just snuggling up on the couch reading books.

Every child has different needs and I set individual goals for each child in my care where I will support and extend them.

Sonia Tromp

About Sonia

Sonia loves being a Home-based Educator as she says “It enables her to run her own programme and cater to individual child’s needs, developing on their own interests. It is so rewarding while still being able to be with at home with her own children”.

Sonia was so invested in the Children’s individual interests and wellbeing, she cared for one wee boy being interested in space, so she did space-themed activities such as rocket making, visiting the planetarium and even covered her own roof in glow in the dark stars.

Sonia is a qualified ECE teacher who has decided that home-based care fits perfectly with her teaching philosophies and allows her the time and commitment with each child that she enjoys.

Sonia is a truly dedicated Educator that commits herself to children with challenging behaviours and enjoys seeing them thrive from the attention and love that she can show them.


About Sandy

I love working from my own home to promote the PORSE programme and look after the wellbeing of young children.  I have had lots of experience working with all ages of children through nannying and my own children.  I would love to be able to have the chance to talk to you about meeting your child’s needs in a fun and loving environment.

I am a very family orientated person who enjoys outside play.  I have outside toys, a swing set and a trampoline.  My section is fenced so that all the children feel safe in a great environment.  We also go to the parks at least once a week.  I am happy to accommodate new children who are a little bit more adventurous and will attend PORSE programmes to encourage their growth

Jen Meech

About Jen

I am an experienced PORSE Home Educator. I have been working for PORSE for 15 years and for many years prior to that as a nanny. Handy to Northland, Khandallah, Thorndon, Ngaio, Karori, Wilton…

I currently have a space for an over 2 OR under 2, Monday, and Thursday available immediately.

I offer a safe, fun and loving environment in my home.

I have two school-aged children of my own, and we have a warm home in the Wilton/Wadestown area with a flat, fully fenced backyard, playhouse, climbing frame, and slides. We also have a covered deck for outdoor play when the weather isn’t as good. We have a lot of toys and resources for babies right through to five-year-olds

If you are unable to drop your child at my home I am happy to arrange a mutually agreeable meeting point. I can also offer weekends and overnights by arrangement if required.

Being a PORSE Home Educator is such a rewarding career and I have made many wonderful friendships through the families I have known. My eldest PORSE child just turned 18!

WINZ subsidies and 20 hours ECE are available.

I look forward to meeting you.

LeeAnn Fuller  rotated

About LeeAnne

Kia ora

My name is LeeAnne, I am 56 years young with an adult family and have just welcomed the arrival of our third grandchild. I started childcare 24 years ago after trying and failing miserably to return to the workforce after maternity leave, realising that home was the best place for my son to thrive in a loving environment. I knew then that being available for other parents who felt the same way was my calling and still is today.

From that life-changing moment, I have continued developing and broadening my knowledge and understanding of the development of a child’s needs, physically, emotionally and mentally. I like to keep up to date with all teachings PORSE offers and completed my Level 4 of Early childhood education and care in the first intake of participants. Over the years, I have had children of varied ethnic groups and have always supported them and their families in their cultural beliefs and needs.  

We live down a long driveway off the main road on a property many call a Hidden Oasis.  Over time we have made it a child wonderland with many areas that catch both adults and children’s interest and imaginations, such as life size wild animals amongst the punga garden, the dwarf’s that work in the fairy village or the many tin plates that tell stories of past that adorn a side fence. Our many fruit trees and vegetable gardens that the children help to plant and harvest to be enjoyed through summer. We have a menagerie of animals for children to help take care of, chickens, birds in an aviary, cat, dogs, and fish. Collecting eggs and feeding the fish meat from a skewer are favourites. 

I like to keep children active and engaged in learning, so we often go on outings to visit local parks, wetlands, woodlands, nature walks, collecting or exploring. Willowbank Reserve and Orana Park to see animals from around the world, the Christchurch Gondola, which traverses the slopes of Mount Cavendish in the Port Hills, Tram rides through the city, music group, Porse outings, and a weekly playgroup with another Educator at her home to name a few. I set up different play areas indoors for the children to engage in and change to fit current interests. Outdoors we have a range of physical structures, a large covered sandpit and water area, ride on/in vehicles, covered spaces, grassed areas, all with lots of space. 

Children settle into care quickly and soon treat our home as their own, leaving parents minds at ease about their care choice.  


About Yvonne

I have been a PORSE educator since 2013

I am a mother to five adult children and grandmother to twelve grandchildren.

I offer a caring loving home environment with lots of cuddles. I enjoy seeing the children thrive from the love and attention I show them.

We have outings out in the neighbourhood to feed the Ducks and Pukeko birds. We have playdates on fine days with other local home educators at the local playground where all the children play together and get to know each other well.

Judy play area

About Judy

I provide a nurturing environment and create opportunities for children’s exploration, learning and development. I value kindness respect and honesty. I believe it is important to build secure relationships with children.

My relationships with families have been built up through word-of-mouth trust and partnerships. I enjoy working with all different families and have an understanding of different parenting styles.

I have a positive outlook on life and have a bubbly personality. We have one cat, one rabbit, a sustainable vegetable garden and I enjoy being a mother to my 3 adult children.

I have recently moved to New Plymouth from Auckland and have been an Educator for 17 years.


I look forward to meeting you!


About Cheryl

I offer a great environment for all ages of children and believe that all children learn through play and  I offer a range of activities which meet each child’s individual needs. I am a very experienced educator with over 8 years’ experience in home-based education and care and enjoy looking after children of all ages, offering a programme that allows for relaxed social play and adventures into the community.

I offer a varied programme which follows children’s interests and extends on them both in my home and within the community. I enjoy taking children on trips and encouraging them to be a part of the community and to learn about their world with as much experience as possible.

I have recently completed my Level 4 certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care through PORSE.

sue playroom

About Sue

Kia Ora, my name is Sue Yearbury. I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with over 30 years’ experience in teaching and family support.

I have an excellent home-based environment on Moore Street in central Ashburton, including a large playroom with a huge range of resources and learning opportunities for your child to learn as they play.

With a small group of only 4 children, I can build quality relationships with tamariki and whānau. I can provide a safe and calm home-style environment. I am passionate about nature-based play and providing natural play experiences along with music and movement, storytelling and much more.

I am open from 8 am until 3:30 pm Tuesday to Friday, including school holidays. I can offer 20 hours ECE and WINZ subsides

Heather profile pic

About Heather

Kia Ora
I’m a mum of 2 and have been in childcare for 25 + years. I have my first aid and NZQA level 4 ECE certificate.

I provide a safe, loving, secure environment full of wonderful open-ended resources for children of all ages.

I am passionate about providing rich learning experiences and document learning through journals and story park.

In our Home Based setting your child’s usual home routines can be followed, such as sleep and mealtimes.
You can head off to work knowing your little ones are safe and happy.

We have two friendly cats.  A large outdoor area.  We attend PORSE playgroups, music groups, the library and nature walks.

image rotated

About Debbie

Hi – my name is Debbie.

A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than others, but each flies the best it can. Each one different, each one special, each one beautiful.”With over 13 years’ experience as a PORSE Educator, I have worked alongside many children in my home located in, New Lynn. I run a practical-based programme with a focus on social competence.  Children are taught life skills by being out & about most days in the community., engaging in the many activities available.  I love taking the children out, focusing on their interests and extending their learning through accessing different experiences.  Whether it’s heading to the zoo, Motat, Ambury Farm, beaches or Playschools, our schedule is packed full of interesting outings, designed to be both educational & fun.  Socialising children broadens their horizons and draws out their personalities These outings are balanced out with days at home, offering a slower pace where the children can free play in engaging activities with one another, giving time and space to be themselves. If you & your little one would like to arrange a visit, I have a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday space for an under or over 2.

laura landscape

About Laura

Hello! My name is Laura, I am a new Educator with PORSE In-home Child Care, and I live in Inglewood.

I am qualified in ECE level 4, I have Child and Infant First Aid Training, and I have been police checked.

My program is full of arts and crafts, walks in our community and bi-weekly excursions. I also offer many different areas of play through which your child can explore and learn lifelong experiences.

I currently have spaces  Mon-Fri   8.00am-5.00pm, but my hours can be flexible to suit you and your whanau. WINZ subsidies are available (contact WINZ to see if you are eligible). 20 hours ECE subsidies are available for children 3+ years, not enrolled in school.


I invite you to give me a call to arrange a time to meet with me to discuss your childcare needs.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


About Jeannette

Hi, my name is Jeannette. I love working with children and offer loads of fun every day: exploring, creating, reading and moving! Preschool children learn by playing and having fun so that’s what we do!

I offer 20 years experience as a primary school teacher, social worker and PORSE In-Home Educator. With only up to four children in my care at any time we form close, loving bonds ensuring your child feels secure in my care.

I often have children start with me at 1-2 years old and stay until they go to school.

My primary school teaching experience allows me to start them on their literacy and numeracy journey. This encourages them to have a positive learning disposition knowing “I can do this” as they go to school. I offer a stimulating, fun and balanced programme covering all areas of the National Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki. Support from PORSE ensures that my programme is up to date and safe.

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon.


About Sue

Kia ora, hello my name is Sue, and I am proud to offer In-home education and care in Sunny nook,  North Shore,  Auckland. I have many years of experience across Home-based care,  both as a Nanny myself,  and In-home educator as well as working alongside schools to support children with additional needs. I am passionate about responding to each child’s individual personalities and interests,   as well as providing a safe, secure, and stable environment for authentic,  respectful and nurturing relationships to flourish.

My environment offers children opportunities to engage with Animals,  safely and supervised,  to explore interests through engagement in extra activities like music , playgroups and nature play as well as my own personal resources which offer a rich variety for all ages, abilities, and interests.

I am also a mother of 5 teenage / adult children who also love interacting with the children in my care,   from time to time, reading stories and playing a positive big sister/brother role when at home.

I have a current first aid certificate as well as my Level 4 ECE qualification. I can offer care 5 days a week and hours can be flexible depending on each family’s needs. I would love to hear from you and arrange a time for a visit. I currently have one full time space available.

Outside toys

About Karen

Hi, my name is Karen.

I moved to Taranaki in 2016 and have recently purchased a house in Bell Block. We have two grown daughters. In addition to being a stay at home mum for my two daughters, I have been in the In-home Childcare industry for 20 years, since my eldest was 6months old. Over the years I had had the privilege of caring for around 40 children, which includes four sets of twins and some with special needs.

I have a variety of age and interest appropriate toys, and we enjoy being able to go for walks in the community and library visits. At home, we have good indoor/outdoor flow which allows for a variety of activities that allow for lots of physical development.

My hours a flexible to fit with my families and their needs.

I look forward to meeting you all.


About Emma

Hi my name is Emma, and I have been an in-home educator since August 2018. I have my National certificate in Early Childhood Level 4. I also hold a current first-aid certificate. I am located in Hawera. I own my own home where I provide a warm, safe, child-friendly environment for young children. There is a variety of toys and resources- where they will feel comfortable to learn, discover, and explore.
I have a great play space for the children, this space has been set up with the children in mind and gives each child the opportunity to easily access toys and resources within the setting. We have two outdoor play spaces, the front yard has various ride-on toys, slide, play house and rock garden.

photo to go with profile text

About Clare

My philosophy
I work hard to create an environment which is supportive, caring and most importantly inclusive to children and adults alike. I believe that children learn and grow best when they are truly accepted for who they are and are treated with unconditional love. I value and respect the right for each child to have their uniqueness and individuality protected and supported. As an In-Home educator I aim to give them every opportunity to grow and develop in a way that is true to themselves.


What I believe
I believe in order for infants, toddlers, and young children to learn and develop they need the right environment.  To me the emotional environment is probably the most important element needed in children’s learning and development. Children need consistency in their relationships with their secondary care givers so they can develop secure bonds.

Why choose PORSE?

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Authentic Experiences
Real-world interaction and public outings, in a safe and supportive environment, with a person your child trusts.
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nanny and child at beach

Authentic Experiences

Home-based Childcare provides real-world interaction and public outings, in a safe and supportive environment, with a person they trust. These experiences are learning opportunities, catered to each child’s interests, giving them the chance to try new things. It is through experiences like these that children grow their social skills and relationships with others.

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Authentic Environments
Replicating the comfort and security of home, as well as the routines and values that are built there.
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nanny child playing landscape

Authentic Environments

Home-based Childcare replicates the comfort and security of home, as well as the routines and values that are built there. These environments allow children space and time to be themselves, rather than forcing them to fit in. Providing these environments is especially important during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, as young brains need calm and familiar surroundings to learn and grow.

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Authentic Relationships
One-on-one, responsive relationships that provide children with consistency and a go-to person.
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caregiver and child playing with blocks

Authentic Relationships

Home-based Childcare comes from one-on-one, responsive relationships that provide children with consistency and a go-to person. These relationships are built on providing emotional availability, attentiveness and time to each individual child. Science shows that for children’s brains to make the positive connections that build social skills and resilience, these relationships are essential.

A rich and varied programme

PORSE takes a relationship-based approach to nurturing and educating young minds, with Educators and Nannies becoming a significant person in the lives of the children they care for.  Educators and Nannies work at the pace of each child, allowing them time for their natural development and individual potential to unfold.

PORSE organises a variety of activities for children and their Educators to promote friendship and fun, role modelling, observation, reflection of practices, confidence, sharing of information, resources and knowledge. Activities include:

  • Community Outings
  • Weekly Playschools
  • Nature Playschools
  • Music Groups
woman with baby outdoors

Quality interaction, attentive care

We recognise that children instinctively want to learn and that this learning comes from the way the Educator or Nanny communicates and connects with each child’s unique learning patterns and pace. It is through this attentive approach that our Educators and Nannies help children flourish, as they pick up on cues and interests that may go unnoticed in a larger group.

To ensure quality interaction, learning and attentive care, we have a low-ratio of care policy. Educators with PORSE will only ever have a maximum of four children in their care at one time, which not only helps build secure, one-on-one relationships but also means less exposure to illness.

Which home-based childcare is right for you?
Home-based Educator
  • Provides care from their own home.
  • May care for up to four children under five years of age, with a maximum of two under the age of two.
  • Sets their own days, hours, and rate.
  • Is self-employed.
  • Cares for children in your family home.
  • May undertake additional tasks by agreement, relating to caring for your children, such as preparing meals for your child and cleaning up afterwards, or washing and changing your child’s bedding.
  • Is employed by you at an hourly rate mutually agreed.
  • Maybe shared by more than one family with similar care requirements.
Au Pair
  • Is a nanny who lives in the family home.
  • Is usually on a working holiday in New Zealand, providing your family with an insight into another culture.
  • Is employed by the family, with room and board included as part of the remuneration package.
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We've answered some of the most common questions about Home-based Educators.

The PORSE programme stems from our name – P, O, R, S and E – Play, Observe, Record, Support, Evaluate & Extend. These core principles, in conjunction with the New Zealand early childhood education curriculum Te Whāriki, guide the delivery of learning and play activities to support your child’s development, both in the home and through PORSE PlaySchools, events and outings.

Each Community Team provides a different schedule of activities. These are regularly planned, and use the local community as a base to extend children’s learning experiences. You will be required to sign a form giving your permission to attend ‘regular’ events such as weekly PlaySchool sessions, and again for any ‘special’ excursions, prior to the outing taking place. You will be informed of these through flyers or emails, and we always welcome family and extended family to attend anytime (including days where your child is not enrolled in care).

Preparing for school is an important part of ECE. We will walk alongside you on this journey. With the support of your Programme Tutor, your Educator will tailor a programme to support your child as they begin to transition to school. You can discuss any specific aspirations for your child directly with your Educator, or by contacting your Programme Tutor.

Your PORSE Programme Tutor, a qualified and registered ECE teacher, is in frequent contact with your Educator to provide support, advice, and expertise in the care and education of your child/ren. All Educators are encouraged to complete the PORSE Certification Pathway as well as ongoing professional development.

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Home-based Educators
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