Home-based care for children of essential workers

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PORSE is proud to support New Zealanders working in essential services during the Level 4 lockdown period by offering free home-based care for the children of essential workers.

Fully-funded childcare is available to essential workers during this period, if you can’t make other arrangements.

You can feel confident that our trained, experienced PORSE educators will provide a safe, nurturing environment for your precious tamariki. 

Our organisation has been operating for over 20 years and, as the  largest home-based childcare provider across New Zealand, we are perfectly positioned to help your family and care for your children during this lockdown period.

Our educators:

  • Have been Police vetted 
  • Are experienced in working with children from birth to six, and are able to care for children across the age spectrum aged 0 to 14 years old

We are only offering educators who were on our books prior to Wednesday August 17 2021, when lockdown began. Which means we know them, and you can trust them.

  • We have extensive health and safety guidelines in place to ensure our educators manage hygiene to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 
  • We were one of only a few trusted providers during the last lockdown period, so we know what we are doing and have a huge amount of resources at hand and ready to go to ensure the safety of your children.

Our wonderful educators can care for your children in your home or, where agreed by educator and your family, in the educator’s home.

  • In this instance, PORSE  can confirm it has previously assessed the Educators’ home as meeting health and safety licensing requirements and has Police vetted any adults in the house in accordance with Sections 319FB-FD of the Education Act 1989
  • We are flexible and can work with you, to meet your needs as an essential worker. 

Educators will work solely for one family as part of their self-isolation bubble. All COVID-19 Public Health rules from the Ministry of Health will be complied with, along with guidelines from the Ministry of Education.

Funding is only available for the duration of the Level Four lockdown period at this stage, for the children (aged 0 to 14) of essential workers.

If you are an essential worker requiring childcare or have any questions about this, please call us on 0800 023 456 or email us at hello@porse.co.nz