The PORSE Philosophy

At PORSE, we believe in nurturing and educating children within secure, stimulating and positive in-home environments while fostering consistent, connected and supportive relationships between the children, their Educators and their parents.

The PORSE Vision

Expanding the Hearts, Minds and Wellbeing of a Nation through Nurturing Childcare In-Home.

The PORSE Mission

To have all people in New Zealand schooled in nurturing and educating children in their care.

The PORSE Programme

  • Is unique to each family and developed by supporting a personally selected Educator who works within the child's context of family, home and community
  • Focuses on a relationship-based approach to learning, with Educators who become significant others in the lives of the children they nurture
  • Allows Educators to work at the pace of young children and allows them the time for the unfolding of their natural development and individual potential
  • Appreciates that the early years are a time for forming secure attachments, with the child needing to stay connected to a caring, committed, sensitive Educator in order to cope with both new and familiar experiences
  • Recognises that children instinctively want to learn, and how their learning emerges through the Educator's skill of connecting, communicating and collaborating with the child's unique learning patterns