Why PORSE? Because everything we do is to help give children the best start possible.

Science has found that during the first 1,000 days of life, nurturing and loving relationships trigger positive connections in children’s brains. These connections lay the foundations for future social skills, resilience and the ability to regulate emotions, and these positive pathways can only be developed through familiar relationships and environments.

Naturally the environment to foster these connections is at home with mum or dad. However nowadays this isn’t always possible, as often both parents need to work. That’s why PORSE offers home-based childcare, supporting children and families in the home for over 25 years.

We love nothing more than seeing children flourish and knowing we are helping them make positive connections for later life. Our care is based on developing authentic relationships and allowing children authentic experiences in authentic environments.

What's so special about PORSE?

Small groups of children
To ensure quality interaction, learning and attentive care, we have a low-ratio of care policy. Educators with PORSE will only ever have a maximum of four children in their care at one time, which not only helps build secure, one-on-one relationships, but also means less exposure to illness.

Personalised care
Everything we do at PORSE is based on your child’s individual needs. Our experienced team help you find a caregiver that matches both your child’s needs and your family values. This caregiver then caters your child’s day around their interests, while replicating any structures or behavioural goals you are working on at home. We recognise that children instinctively want to learn, and that this learning comes from the way the Educator or Nanny communicates and connects with each child’s unique learning patterns and pace. It is through this attentive approach that our Educators and Nannies help children flourish, as they pick up on cues and interests that may go unnoticed in a larger group.

NZQA Trained
All of the Nannies and Educators with PORSE have access to NZQA Qualifications and ongoing upskilling and every Nanny or Educator has ongoing support and resources from a Programme Tutor (a qualified ECE teacher who visits them and your children regularly).