Our Team

The PORSE Education and Training Team are based in Havelock North at the National Support Office,  If you have an enquiry about any of the programmes and courses we offer email one of the team, or send a general enquiry through our "Enquire Now' button.

Erin Maloney

Erin Maloney

Erin can help with:

Email: erin.maloney@porse.co.nz

  • Academic Board & Senior Leadership Team
  • PORSE Partner Relationships
  • For Life Education & Training
  • Tenders and Responses
Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin

Michelle can help with:

Email: michelle.martin@porse.co.nz

  • Quality Assurance
  • For Life Education & Training Support
  • Programme & Course Design
  • Programme Approval and Accreditation
  • External Liaison with NZQA and the Tertiary Education Commission
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Learning Technology
Adrianne Sudfelt

Adrianne Sudfelt

Adrianne can help with:

Email: adrianne.sudfelt@porse.co.nz

  • National Support for NC ECE L3
  • NC ECE L3 content
  • Clarification about marking
  • Assessment and Moderation
  • Literacy, Language & Numeracy
  • Nanny Internship Programme National Co-ordinator
  • Incredible Years
  • Student Management System - (PEPI) Login Issues
  • STAR/Gateway Programme learning support (students and school coordinators)
  • National Moderator
  • Master Facilitator
  • Programme and Course Design (NC ECE L3)
Barbara Willis

Barbara Willis

Barbara can help with:

Email: barbara.willis@porse.co.nz

  • Administration and support for NC ECE L3 and Nanny Intern Programme
  • Programme/Course fees and payments
  • Literacy, Language & Numeracy assessment
  • Studylink & WINZ
  • Learning/Study Materials
  • Certificates
  • Learner Withdrawals
Kylie Gardner

Kylie Gardner

Kylie can help with:

Email: kylie.gardner@porse.co.nz

  • STAR/Gateway Administration and Co-ordination
  • Introductory Module enrolment applications and withdrawals
  • ECE Level 3 Administration Support
  • Programme Statistics
  • Programme Evaluations
  • Special Projects
Susan Doohan

Susan Doohan

Susan can help with:

Email: susan.doohan@porse.co.nz

  • Marking allocation and learning guide tracking
  • Post-assessment moderation processing
  • Recording assessment results
  • Discrepancies in learner results
  • STAR/Gateway Support
Wendy White

Wendy White

Wendy can help with:

Email: wendy.white@porse.co.nz

  • Nanny Intern Programme Delivery (Hawke’s Bay)
  • Master Facilitator
  • Incredible Years
  • L3 Secondary School Support (Hawke’s Bay)