Infant Brain Development

Decades of neuroscience findings tell us the brain does most of its wiring after birth. At PORSE we seek to understand this better so we can build our curriculum, training and support systems to ensure we are providing the very best care for children.

The most important childhood experiences occur within relationships. As the experts have found, human connections create the neural connections that determine how the brain develops. All PORSE Educators are part of our vision to bring neuroscience to life in the way we welcome, relate to, support and communicate with each child and family.

Secure Attachment

Infancy is the time when secure attachment relationships need to be formed. As PORSE caregivers interact with infants in a caring, committed and sensitively responsive way, the child’s brain, body, mind and spirit unfolds. The PORSE programme offers warm, nurturing and stimulating environments through our Educators, supporting overall wellbeing for child and family, always with the PORSE 3Rs front-of-mind.