In home Educator Fern blown away by the support received by PORSE in her Business Start Up

New Zealand’s leading in home childcare provider is giving more Kiwi mothers the chance to stay at home with their own children and have a career.

Becoming a PORSE in-home educator is a popular option for many parents looking to strike a better work, life balance.

Napier mother Fern Trembath wanted more flexibility, having spent ten years working as an early childhood teacher in various centres.

By the time her third baby was born she craved more quality time with family.

Her two boys Connor, seven, and Brayden, five were both at Port Ahuriri School, while daughter Summer, two, was with an in-home carer.FERN

“I returned to work as a childcare teacher when Summer was just four months old, so it really pulled on my heart strings,” Mrs Trembath said.

“I realised that I wanted to be at home giving my own children more attention while still earning money, so that’s when I became an in-home educator and I haven’t looked back.”

The job offered enough freedom to juggle a school run for her boys, afternoon sporting commitments as well as having Summer at home three days a week.

“I was blown away by PORSE, the whole process has been amazing and just so easy,” she said.

“I care for three PORSE children and Summer. Being at home has been life changing for our whole family. I can now meet the boys at the school gate, have afternoon tea and catch up about their day.”

Each week Mrs Trembath tries to mix up activities for the children in her care – from gymnastics lessons to park visits and attending the regular PORSE run events.

“I try to give them new experiences, I like to use nature in education, something that’s within the community – a trip to the Park one week or the gardens the next.”

Since establishing herself as a respected carer in the Marewa area, she has people lining up to join her PORSE programme.

“Flexibility is key for working parents, they can call me and ask to drop their child off earlier and I will try to make it work.” 

PORSE in home educators are independent contractors who benefit from PORSE providing optional full administration of family payments, access to tax benefits and ongoing support in setting up special terms and conditions with families – not to mention many wonderful tools to help you grow and promote your business to where you want it to be.

PORSE is New Zealand’s leading in-home childcare provider with about 30 per cent of the home-based market.  The organisation provides care and education for over 5,000 children, and works with more than 4,000 families, 2,000 educators and nearly 2,000 students in New Zealand.