Waka Ama Provides Life Changing Motivation

Media Release 17 December 2016

Waka Ama is providing good direction and motivation for 60 year old Linda Hill-Rennie who is grabbing her golden years with both hands, setting her sights on gold at this year world champs.

The PORSE educator took up the resurgent sport six years ago and can already boast a silver medal from 2014’s Waka Ama World Champs in Brazil.

The vibrant PORSE educator has been working in in-home care for twelve years and says since hitting the water to train each day, she’s seen her whole world improve.

Waka Ama

“By doing Waka Ama and throwing myself into it whole-heartedly, I’ve gained so much on a personal level, which has overflowed into my relationships with my PORSE children, my partner and family. When you feel good about yourself, you attract positive energy, so it’s important to have activities.”

When life got ‘ho-hum’ for Linda Hill-Rennie, she grabbed her paddle and headed upstream.  Her motto - “Row your own boat and move forward.”

When she’s not working up a sweat on the water, Linda loves running her Steiner-based PORSE programme which revolves around natural play, the environment and working with the rhythm of the day.  As a world champ paddler, Linda knows a thing or two about keeping rhythms right and believes children need time to slow down.

"It’s my view that nowadays a lot of children are over-stimulated and over-scheduled, which can ultimately impede, not support, their brain development in the critical early years. I see my children thinking, feeling, willing and working with their individual needs in an unhurried environment.”

Linda’s approach to childcare aligns well with the country’s leading in-home care provider.  PORSE has built its philosophy on strong evidence that the human brain does most of its wiring in the first three years of life.  Forming secure attachments are crucial in setting children up well, psychologically and emotionally.

Whether balancing time with her children or time on the water, Linda feels more invigorated now than ever before.  She’s fitter and stronger and having turned 60, she is now looking ahead to the World Championships in Queensland in May 2016, where she’ll compete in the Golden Master Women’s division.

In her own words ‘There are no limits, only the limits we place on ourselves’, and for a woman who is happy paddling what she preaches, you can’t argue with that.