Triple Surprise Leads to New Career

Becoming a grandmother to triplets just over two years ago saw a big career change for ‘granny nanny’ Gaye Bartlett.

When daughter Nicole Bartlett fell pregnant with triplets it was a big surprise for the whole family.

“At 12 weeks, we were told it was twins, then it was like, ‘actually there’s a third heart beat’,” Miss Bartlett (Nicole) said.Final Triplets Photo

“My dad is a twin, so we knew multiple birth was a possibility but we never expected three – I didn’t know how we would cope.”

When triplets Hudson, Vincent and Lincoln arrived there was six months of various family members sleeping over to help with tricky night feeds and four weeks of ‘muddling through’, until the family signed up with leading in-home childcare provider, PORSE.

Miss Bartlett’s mother Gaye decided to leave her part-time job, and became a PORSE Nanny helping her daughter take care of the triplets at home.

“It was a positive change for me and works for everyone. I can be close to my grandchildren but also earn a living at the same time.”

For Mrs Bartlett it was an opportunity to witness important milestones in the lives of her grandsons, while also supporting her daughter.

“I still earn an income, but this way I spend every day playing with my grandchildren. I couldn’t think of anything better,” she said.

“Parents of multiples need and appreciate the support they get from their families, friends, and organisations providing services to help them raise happy and healthy babies.”

In–home childcare is a popular choice for parents of multiples who want to keep their children in a home environment, with 104 families with multiples enrolled across the country.

“It’s a very secure feeling knowing the triplets are in good hands with my mother and they are learning and devloping in a safe home environment,” said Miss Bartlett. 

PORSE has been a partner of Multiples NZ for four years, helping to match and support families with multiples with loving home educators or nannies under the PORSE Programme.

The partnership also provided support for 14 clubs throughout the country.

As a committee member of the Hawke’s Bay Multiple Birth club branch, Miss Bartlett found it hugely beneficial to have backing from other parents facing the same challenges.

“It’s a scary time figuring everything out with twins, triplets or quads, but it’s good to know other people have been through it all too and can relate.”

Mrs Henderson said the partnership with Multiples NZ was a way to give families with multiples more support.

“Families with multiples are all unique, and childcare and support needs to be tailored to each family, with attention and care given to determining the best option and any relevant subsidies that may apply.

“We also hope to make the parenting journey as enjoyable and successful as possible, by offering parenting workshops through our education and training arm of PORSE.”

According to Statistics New Zealand, multiple births make up 1.3 to 2 per cent of all births in this country.

Last year there were 14 sets of triplets, up from 11 sets of triplets in 2014.