Pint-sized Olympians go for gold

Pint-sized athletes put their stamina to the test – running, jumping and hurdling their way through a PORSE Olympic Day.

About 100 in-home educators, staff and children gathered at Farndon Park in Clive today, to tackle Olympic disciplines from football to gymnastics.

PORSE National Marketing and Communications Team Leader Naomi Fergusson said the event aimed to promote healthy, active lifestyles, with the help of national gym chain SNAP Fitness.

“With home-based care the community is our playground. The buzz around the Olympics provided a great opportunity to get the children to give different activities a go,” she said.

“As parents and caregivers, encouraging and modelling a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age not only supports our children’s physical and neurological development, but also supports a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.”Image 236

SNAP Fitness manager Vaughan Wilson said exercise stations were set up to help children hone key skills such as flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

“We want kids to get active and set the dominos in motion to show exercise is a normal part of everyday life - that all starts here,” he said.

Hastings-based Educator Chrissy Sandilands brought Olympic hopefuls Casey, one, Mikayla, four, Dominic, one, and Nico, three, to join the fun.

“The children are all really active and athletic, they absolutely loved the Olympics and have been really looking forward to winning a medal of their own,” she said.

“Every week we go to a PORSE gym session where they pick up new skills, from jumping rope to head stands, this is an extension of that crossover between education and activity.”

PORSE will be releasing regular videos developed by Snap Fitness featuring child-friendly activities. Check out the PORSE Facebook page, and on