More Centre Based ECE Teachers Move to Careers in Home Based Childcare

PORSE home-based childcare says its attracting more ECE teachers from centres as they seek more one on one interaction with children.

PORSE home-based educator Kirsty Reardon, who spent seven years working an early Childcare Centre in Hamilton says the move has re-ignited her passion for her career.

“The bonds you create with children are crucial. My experience is they are so much stronger on a professional, personal and emotional level in a home environment.  The ratios are lower so it means you get more one on one time with the children and form closer bonds.”

 “I prefer an unhurried environment, where I can sit back and observe the children play, allowing them to work things out for themselves, instead of forcing myself in.

PORSE is putting the call out for more in-home educators to join the organisation as it works to keep up with the overwhelming demand from parents to have their children cared for in the home environment.Kirsty Reardon 

Hamilton PORSE Consultant Pam Gould says many Waikato parents are choosing to be in-home educators because it gives them the ability to be at home with their own children while running a business, which is both financially and personally rewarding.

“In-home educators play a very important role helping parents give children a great start in life. The first three years are critical for lifetime success and we need more educators in Hamilton to help parents give their children this opportunity.”

PORSE provides all educators and parents with free nationally recognised training programmes to learn more about early brain development and secure attachment relationships.

Mrs Reardon says as a PORSE educator you get full support in managing your career and looking at what hours work best for you.

Home-based educators are independent contractors who benefit from PORSE providing optional full administration of family payments, access to tax benefits and ongoing support in setting up special terms and conditions with families – not to mention many wonderful tools to help you grow and promote your business to where you want it to be.

PORSE is New Zealand’s leading in-home childcare provider with about 30 per cent of the home-based market.  The organisation provides care and education for over 5,000 children, and works with more than 4,000 families, 2,000 educators and nearly 2,000 students in New Zealand.