Hamilton Nanny Gaining International Acclaim For Children’s Books

A Hamilton nanny is adding to her internationally acclaimed series of children’s books with a soon-to-be released story.

Since setting up Moo Moo Publishing in 2011, Fiona Williams along with business partner singer/songwriter Tamsyn Rose have gone on to publish over 25,000 children’s books and sell more eBooks internationally than they can recall.

The pair met when Ms Williams started working as a PORSE in-home nanny, caring for Mrs Rose’s daughter Sophia, five years ago.

Since taking up the role, Fiona discovered her flare for writing children’s stories and now divides her time between being a PORSE nanny and being a successful author.

Through Ms Williams work with PORSE, she spotted a gap in the market for children’s stories that taught and explained pre-school milestones like moving from a cot to a big bed, to learning to use the toilet, so she set about writing the stories with Mrs Rose.Fiona and Tamsyn

“The world can be an awe-inspiring yet scary place for toddlers and pre-schoolers. They face a lot of challenges as part of growing up and until you become a parent, or work with young children, it is not something that you give a lot of thought to,” says Ms Williams.

‘The Tooth Fairy’ is soon to hit bookstores around the country and overseas as an eBook, and joins the company’s other popular publications highlighting children’s key milestones including: Sophia Moves into a Big Bed; Sophia’s First Visit to the Dentist; Mason and Sophia Learn to Use the Loo and Mason’s First Day at School.

The growing series of books is centred on the adventures of two pre-school characters, Sophia (Tamsyn’s daughter) and Mason, (Fiona’s nephew).

Mrs Rose says as a mother it’s important to have stories, which can help teach your children about certain milestones.

“Our writing came about as a means of explaining these milestones to children in a fun, bright and rhyming way so that they become more comfortable with these steps.

“Our biggest challenge is finding the time to come up with new stories because we both work part-time. Once I get inspiration I grab a piece of paper and start writing. Like songwriting, it’s a creative train and you never know when it’s going to arrive. You just have to jump on it and go for it,” says Ms Rose.

Since launching, the company has sold thousands of books through bookstores around New Zealand, and is now supplying a growing ‘eBook’ market to Australia and Europe. A large part of the company’s business is also publishing other authors.