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Home is where the start is

Recognising the important role of close, loving relationships for early brain development, the PORSE programme was developed in 1990. Its first form was as a means of guiding early childhood education students undertaking practicum in family homes. In the decades since, PORSE has been through many transformations.


Nanny childcare networks

The 'Bay Nanny Childcare Network' was established in 1994 to provide nannies with secure employment opportunities, and for families to receive the many benefits of in-home childcare. In early 1995, the programme gained a charter with the Ministry of Education.

In 1996 a new organisation, 'National Nanny Childcare Network (NZ) Ltd', was formed. A joint venture with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), this was a nanny-networking model used by other nanny agencies in Wellington and Christchurch. In 1997, the company secured a Ministry of Education two-year contract to deliver the early childhood education curriculum for nannies, Te Whāriki.

By 1999, PORSE had a number of franchisees, and this replaced the original system of joint ventures with nanny agencies. The first franchise was in Hastings and it was at this point the network was renamed PORSE.


Early childhood education and daycare

PORSE ECE Training (NZ) Ltd came about in 1999. The NZQA-approved National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 5) was delivered in Hastings and Christchurch. In the early 2000s the company continued to grow at a fast pace with community team offices opening around New Zealand. The National Support Office in Hawke’s Bay provided centralised administration to support a mix of independent and company-owned regional offices. 

Numerous new initiatives and developments occurred in 2005, including increased field support staff, introducing the PORSE Educator Induction Programme, workplace training options, coaching roles for programme tutors, STAR and the Secondary Schools Programme (Level 3).


A future for in-home childcare

Today, PORSE operates nationwide and continues to be proud of supporting parents from the very start of their lifelong journey raising a family. PORSE continues to provide work, education, training and in-home childcare based on the belief that home and family offer the best start in life.