Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is the New Zealand government's lead advisor on the New Zealand education system, shaping direction for education sector agencies and providers like PORSE. PORSE is licensed by and compliant with the Ministry of Education for all our networks across New Zealand.

Ministry of Education Funding Allocation

If you'd like to access the amount and details of the expenditure of any Ministry of Education funding received by the particular service that you are associated with, please contact your local PORSE Community Team.

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

The Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 outline:

  • the licensing process for all early childhood services
  • the standards a service is required to meet for licensing purposes.

The licensing criteria for Home-Based Education & Care Services (2008) is governed by ECE Regulations.

View the ECE Regulations.

Licensing Criteria for Home-Based Education & Care Services (2008)

The Licensing Criteria for Home-Based Education & Care Services (2008) informs the certification process and career pathway for all PORSE Educators. The licensing criteria set by the Ministry of Education covers the following elements:

  • curriculum
  • premises and facilities
  • health and safety
  • governance, management and administration.

Download the Licensing Criteria 2008 document.

There are two polices that are important for you to understand before you enrol with us. They are the Attendance Roll Policy and the Child Enrolment Policy.

PORSE Policies

At PORSE, we have a number of policies that help guide how we work within the regulated education environment in New Zealand.  You can view the titles of our policies here.

You can ask your local PORSE Community Team for a copy of all the PORSE Policies or email At minimum, we review every policies every three years, and if you are already a PORSE family, Educator or Nanny, we will seek your input to ensure you can help us be the very best we can be.