Expanding the hearts, minds and wellbeing of a nation through nurturing childcare in-home.

With over twenty years of experience and learning behind PORSE, we believe in nurturing and educating children within secure, stimulating and positive home-based environments while fostering consistent, connected and supportive relationships between the children, their Educators and their parents.

The PORSE approach to home-based childcare is based on experience and research around the importance of play, learning and development through close child-adult relationships, allowing your child to grow and explore with confidence.

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Our mission
To have all people in New Zealand schooled in nurturing and educating children in their care.

Our Values

Play + Observe + Relate + Support + Extend

Concern + Accept + Respect + Encourage + Success

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Nurturing respectful relationships, creating authentic learning.

The PORSE Programme is family-directed, using home-based and community learning settings, guided by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki.

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Rainbow Corner

In November 2018, PORSE became part of The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies – a multifaceted early childhood education business operating both domestically and internationally. The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies is the parent company of:

  • The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centres
  • The Rainbow Corner Home-based Early Learning
  • The Rainbow Corner Catering

The Rainbow Corner Mission: Together, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead.

Sonia Tromp

PORSE Education & Training

PORSE Education and Training is a registered and accredited training provider offering training programmes with a focus on nurturing and educating young minds for lifelong learning and positive, self-affirming relationships.

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Expanding the hearts, minds and wellbeing of a nation.
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