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What is the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3)?

The National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3) is a course that inspires carers, parents, and educators who have a commitment to work and learn alongside preschool children.

This course is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and offers unit standard-based learning and a nationally recognised qualification.

This is a distance learning course and learners can study independently or attend Programme Study Options, provided by PORSE Community Teams.

Enjoy the flexibility of 21 weeks of self-paced learning alongside a child in your care.

What You Will Learn

Learners who successfully complete the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3) offered by PORSE will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of:

  • the importance of using Te Whāriki as a curriculum document to plan, implement and evaluate a child's learning
  • child development and how play and secure attachment relationships support a child's learning
  • how effective communication and support can contribute to the creation of responsive and reciprocal relationships between culturally diverse whānau/families, and the Early Childhood Education service
  • ethical dilemmas that may occur within Early Childhood Education services and how they impact on professional behaviours of early childhood educators.

Employment Pathways

On completion of the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 3) you will be able to:

  • begin a career as a home-based Early Childhood Educator
  • be employed as an Early Childhood Educator
  • pursue further study in the Early Childhood Education sector, such as a Diploma of Teaching.

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